Blank Diecast Replicas

These are the replica manufacturer and models available. 

ManufacturerVehicle Make & ModelScalesStock Availaibility
Chevrolet2000 Impala26Limited
Chevrolet2010 Tahoe43, 26Available
Chevrolet2001 Suburban43, 24Limited
Dodge2010 Charger43, 26, 24Limited
Dodge2014 Charger43, 24Available
Dodge2016 Charger43, 26Available
Ford2001 Crown Victoria43, 26, 18Available
Ford2010 Crown Victoria43, 24Available
Ford2014 Interceptor Sedan43, 24Available
Ford2014 Interceptor Utility43, 24, 18Available
Ford2015 Transit Van43Available
Dodge1985 Diplomat24Limited
PeterbiltUtility Trucks43Available
FordF250 Pick Up Truck43Limited
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